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The cloud-based industrial PC with endless possibilities
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EdgePi Features

The EdgePi is a DIN rail-mounted, Raspberry Pi 4 industrial PC with electrically isolated analog and digital inputs, analog and digital outputs, dual USB, dual RS-485, and dual Ethernet ports. 


At its core, the EdgePi is a fully functional edge gateway, meaning you'll have the ability to securely access your device and data in real-time from a web browser on any internet-connected device from any location at any time. Just create an account, register your device, and instantly see data streams.


The EdgePi was designed to provide a multitude of capabilities while remaining simple and easy-to-use. It has an electrically isolated I²C and SPI interface along with thermocouple and RTD temperature sensing inputs. It supports low voltage differential analog signals and PWM control. It does nearly everything a Raspberry Pi 4 can do, but with industrial grade isolation and input power protection.


The EdgePi is vastly configurable. Program up to 8 channels of either analog or digital inputs and 8 channels of either analog or digital outputs, along with 8 status indicator LED's. Configure it for use with your favourite linux automation software or Program it directly from Python or C.


The EdgePi brings your projects to life. Program it for industrial automation, home automation, or your next school project. Install your favourite software applications and contribute to the growing open source community. If it runs on a Raspberry Pi, it will run on an EdgePi.

Powered by Raspberry Pi Technology

The EdgePi is built on the latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. This powerful Linux PC comes in many different flavours. Visit our products page to pre-order from a selection of EdgePi models with more memory and integrated wireless communications.



The EdgePi supports a variety of applications.  For industrial control, install programs like Node-RED or CODESYS.  For home and school projects, use Python or C.
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