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EdgePi Portal

Control your EdgePi Device Anytime, Anywhere ...


All the Features, All in one Place.

Safely and Securely in the Cloud . 

Portal access for device status and configuration is always free, but once subscribed to a data plan, you can push data from any input to the cloud and access it in real time through any web browser.

Dashboard . 

The Homepage Dashboard is a powerful interface within the EdgePi Portal. 

It displays the live status of all the EdgePi components like individual analog or digital inputs, outputs, indicator LED's, thermocouple, RTD, piezzo buzzer, relay, fan, and peak audio detector. Beside each component status is the cloud icon to enable cloud capture, as well as gear icon to change settings and graph icon to visualize the cloud captured data.

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Adding a Device .

Users can add a new EdgePi device to their online portal and start configuring it in minutes. 

Register an EdgePi device by scanning the QR code located on the back with an IOS or Android smart phone camera.  As soon as the EdgePi is online with an internet connection, you will see it appear in your dashboard homepage. 

Configuration . 

Every input and every output is configurable through device settings windows. 

Whether it is changing an output from analog to digital, enabling pulse width modulation, or increasing the sampling frequency, the EdgePi Portal provides users full control of their device online. 

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Configurable in minutes .






After creating an account on, login to the EdgePi Portal. 

Click on Add a Device and register your EdgePi through QR Code.

Scan the unique QR Code found on the back of the EdgePi's enclosure. 

Once the device is registered, attach the EdgePi to a prepaid data plan.

Start Configuring ! 

Users begin by adding their device using a QR Code. (20).gif
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Real - Time Status Bar

A real-time status bar offers users live performance information about their EdgePi devices.

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Full 8x Analog / Digital Input & Output Control

Whether it is changing from Analog to Digital, bumping up the voltage, or turning on cloud storage for a specific port, the EdgePi portal provides users full control of their device online. 

Customizable LEDs

There are 8x Indicator LEDs located on the EdgePi. Through the EdgePi Portal, it can be manually turned on and off or switched to automatic in which it will be controlled by user's script. 


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Temperature Reading

The EdgePi Portal supports 8 different types of thermocouples.

While more technical configurations are available to advanced users, the base functionality remains simple and intuitive. 


Advanced Visualization Tools .

View your data read from EdgePi online using our analytics and interactive visualization application.

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