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Our Vision . 

The engineering team at OSENSA Innovations fell in love with the Raspberry Pi when we first started using it for factory automation projects. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that it was not robust enough on its own and it needed more industrial grade electrical protections to be suitable for our needs. So our team set out to develop a general purpose Raspberry Pi based product that could be certified for industrial use and that supports both analog and digital inputs and outputs along with high voltage isolation protection for serial communications.

After almost two years in development, starting first with the Raspberry Pi 3 compute module, and then redesigning for the Pi 4 compute module, and then redesigning again to add dual ethernet ports and some other features, we finally completed the EdgePi device you see today. We think it has great potential for use in industrial automation, education, hobby projects, and anywhere else you would use a Raspberry Pi and expect it to perform long-term. Also, because we were constantly running tests and needing to graph time series data, we decided to send everything to the cloud and leverage tools to visualize that data on our mobile devices.  Thus, the EdgePi Cloud platform was born, and is rapidly evolving.

At this point EdgePi is a division of OSENSA Innovations Corp.  It is not strong enough to stand as an entity on its own, but we hope it will soon.  We hope that you appreciate the usefulness of the EdgePi device and will buy one and take it for a spin.  We invite your feedback on what you like or don't like and plan to continue to refine and improve things going forward.   

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